Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Philippines - Baluarte, Vigan

After my morning was spent visiting Santa Maria Church, I took the minivan back to Vigan. It was already in early afternoon when I reached the city and after my lunch, I decided to drop by Baluarte. Baluarte is a mini zoo of sort located about 10 minutes drive from the city centre and it's owned by Governor of Ilocos Sur.

The welcoming committee

This wildlife sanctuary is dedicated to teaching and educating the public on the animals living here. Some of the animals under the care of the sanctuary are tigers, ostriches, macaws, and so on. 

Some of the animals in this mini zoo

One of the best things about Baluarte is that you get to interact with these animals. You get to feed them and take pictures with them. Almost every hour there is animal show for you to watch and be amazed. 

How can I not take the opportunity to snap a photo with this beauty?

The star attraction of Baluarte has to be the tiger. This majestic creature sat there looking pretty and always game for a photo session with the public. I think some might even forget the fact that this is a dangerous animal, what with it looking so cuddly.

The said tiger..I missed out the chance to take photo with it..

I do find the giant dinosaur models a bit weird and it gives off the strange feeling like I was in Jurassic Park or something.

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

There is no entrance fee for Baluarte, making a visit a must for budget travellers looking for some fun in the 'wild'.



  1. There is no entrance fee?? for sure i will put on my list heheee..
    About the tiger.. u missed out the chance to take photo with it or u scared? hahahaaa :P

  2. Yes, it's FOC..and the reason why I didn't take photo with the tiger was due to my stinginess..I was on a budget haha..

    1. So, there is a fee to take photo with the tiger?

      Btw, the jurassic parks look like one of my old photos taken at the first theme park in Malaysia: Mimaland!

    2. Yea, there's a separate charge for the tiger but other than that, it's mostly free..

  3. Means in order to take photo with the tiger, there will be extra charge? I love zoo so much and will put this in my list in future.

    1. A low fee is charged for that..but quite worth it in my opinion, just that I was on a tight budget..