Friday, March 28, 2014

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 - Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu

To support Visit Malaysia Year 2014, I will be writing on various tourist attractions in the country. Let us work together to bring in tourists to our lovely Malaysia.


It was a cold bus ride and I was shivering under my hoodie for the whole 8 hours plus, which was rather ironic given the place where I was heading to was all sun and sand. We reached Kuala Besut jetty around 5 plus in the morning and the earliest ferry ride to the island was around 7 a.m., leaving me ample of time to waste. Breakfast it was then.

Tourists were waiting for the first boat to the island

The jetty

The boat ride to the Pulau Perhentian was about 40 minutes, give or take, and when I stepped off onto the island, it was still empty of people, with one or two Westerners running by the beach. I settled with my accommodation and then, off I went for exploration.

The hostel I stayed in

Early morning by the beach

There is two main islands to Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil. Besar is more for those who extra few bucks to spend while Kecil attracts backpackers and budget travellers. Suffice to sat, I stayed in Kecil.

I spent 3 days in the island and I realised an island retreat is not for me. To idly sit by sunbathing and reading books while on holiday, it might sounds like a treat to some but definitely not me. I like to read but not the whole day when on holiday. I prefer exploration, culture and heritage and Pulau Perhentian cannot offer me that.


..and sea gazing are some of the activities available

However, what it did offer me was the amazing snorkeling experience in my second day. To be up close and personal with colourful corals, baby sharks, giant turtles and fishes of various species and colours, sharing the same playground with them, it was simply magical. I believe diving would have the same experience too but since I'm no licensed diver, I did not go for it.

Relaxing by the beach at night

Indeed, this short trip was saved by a day trip to the open water.

Info Box

Pulau Perhentian Kecil,
Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu.
To get to Pulau Perhentian, you have to board a ferry ride from Kuala Besut jetty which costs RM 70 for a return trip. You have to call the operator of the ferry a day earlier to let them know where to pick you up when you want to head back to the mainland. A RM 5 of conservation fee is charged at the jetty.
You can read more about Pulau Perhentian here in Virtual Malaysia.


  1. Believe it or not, I have never been to Perhentian, or any other island in Terengganu for that matter *gulps*

    P/S: Is it possible for you to resize the photos to make them larger? Tak puas nak tengok, heheh! :)

    1. Gasp! The horror! Dah lah pergi Europe and everywhere else but not your own backyard? Hehe...

      Already resized to make it larger..I forgot I changed the layout so the larger photos won't make the whole blog looks hideous..

    2. Guilty of not been to Terengganu... But I'm not big on beach holidays - reading by the beach or just rest and relax :/

    3. Haha neither am I but I do occasionally go to these beautiful islands just for a visit..

    4. Same like RaW.. never been there.. even Terengganu i was there about 17 years ago.. huhuuu.. :P

    5. well, since this year being Visit Malaysia Year, why not go now? Haha..

  2. wah never been to Perhentian as well. I have never thought that Perhentian is like this..I thought it's like small island like Redang.

    Night Photography at Asakusa Shrine

    1. I myself have yet to go Redang so I can't make any comparison..but it is a small island in all aspects..

  3. Wow! You enlarge your photos which I think you should do it earlier. Thumbs up! I'd been to Pulau Redang and Lang Tengah before but not Perhentian. I always confused between the Kecil and Besar but now I know. Wait till I get my diving license first and Pulau Perhentian, here I come =)

    1. My previous layout made those large photos looked hideous..So now I have to slowly enlarge all my photos again..

      You will definitely enjoy it..

  4. Ah, better with the larger photos! Thanks Raw for voicing that out. Baru puas! Lol.

    Anyway, the 4th photo- is that rubbish on the shoreline?

    On the other hand, I have never been to Perhentian too! Haha. And I love beach, but not to lay there for the whole 3 days. first day maybe can relax on the beach, but other days, i need to explore. like in phuket, ride a scooter and explore the island. But it is impossible to do that in Perhentian, is it?

    1. I think so..there are some of them along the shore early in the morning..and I guess I already answered your query regarding Perhentian during dinner time, right? Hehe..