Sunday, January 19, 2014

Taiwan - Overview

My mind is still muddling in Mandarin even after coming back from Taipei, Taiwan, for 2 days. I missed the mostly cooling weather the moment I landed in Malaysia (and missed the Malaysia's humid hot weather when it was raining and blowing with strong wind in Taipei).

Exploring their night markets is a must in Taiwan

My 6 days in Taipei has been nothing but fun and enjoyable. I made the right choice going during the winter season. Most of the days, it was chilly, just cold enough that a coat would do. Exploring the city in such a temperature makes walking the best method as you won't sweat.

View of Taipei from Taipei 101, the fourth tallest building in the world

What I'm most impressed about Taiwan is its friendly locals. They are very helpful and friendly and willing to share their cultures and histories to those who are willing to listen. I was given an impromptu history class on Monga district (now known as Wanhua district) which was very enlightening.

National Theatre Hall which looks like something from Korea

Another impressive feat is their transportation system. You have to salute them for the efficient railway system, punctual and comfortable even for a long journey ride. Plus, it is a cheap alternative to bus, which I find slightly more pricier especially if you want to go out of the city centre.

The old street of Jinguashi, my favourite place to just walk around and relax

It was definitely a wonderful experience and while I got to reconnect with my Taiwanese friend, I also gained a few new ones too. I believe that is the beauty of travelling. More stories will come out soon, I hope. In the mean times, just enjoy some of the photos.

Bamboo wishing sticks

Sky lanterns are so much beautiful to look at


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Mandarin is the lingua franca of Taiwan. However, English is still widely understandable in city centre. It is advisable to get yourself an EasyCard to travel around as it speeds things up a lot. Each adult EasyCard costs TWD 500 (which is about RM 56.50) with TWD 400 reload and TWD 100 as deposits, refundable. 


  1. Can't wait to read your entry on Taiwan. Definitely looks like a very nice place to visit :)

  2. With the rate I'm churning out stories and the many trips last year, chances are Taiwan will appear end of this year...

    And it is a cool place to explore..

  3. Hi Jeff, I am having a 6d5n trip to Taiwan in October. Looking forward to your Taiwan posts ya! Happy Chinese New Year.

  4. Meeiyin, my Taiwan posts might take some times before being published. If you want, you can drop me an e-mail at for the itinerary.