Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Philippines - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Another cultural landmark when I was in Ilocos Norte region was the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as Burgos Lighthouse. After Bangui Windmills, I went back out to the main road with the tricycle and waited for a bus heading back Laoag City.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is a few stop away from the windmills. Located uphill from the main road, you can hire a tricycle to bring you to the lighthouse. I had one to bring me up but after reviewing the short distance, I decided to just walk back down later on.

Base of the lighthouse

Built during the Spanish Colonial, it is still a functioning lighthouse, helping to illuminate Philippines' archipelago. The octagonal stone tower, on a clear day, is said can be seen from Bangui town.

Stairways leading to the tower

The octagonal tower

I find the lighthouse to be in well conditioned even though there are some parts that seems a bit unattended. What I like about the lighthouse is the amazing views of the Philippines' coastal line up here. The clear blue sea is just breath taking.

View of the Philippines' coastal from the lighthouse

There is a small museum dedicated to the lighthouse worth a quick look if you want to know more about this building. There is no entrance fee to the lighthouse and the museum. If you happens to be in Philippines, in specific, Ilocos Norte, make sure to drop by at Cape Bojeador Lighthouse for this is one of the few accessible lighthouses in the country.

Small museum at the base of the lighthouse



  1. Is it possible to go to the top of the lighthouse? And is it still functioning?

    Looks classic though especially with the exposed bricks..

  2. It is still functioning though its original lamp was damaged in an earthquake so a modern one has been to going to the top of the lighthouse, I think it's possible to ask the lighthouse keeper for access to the top..

    at least according to Wikipedia la..

  3. What airlines did you fly with to Ilocos Norte?