Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Newsflash - KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2013

After last year's successful run, the KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2013 is back for round three. Organized by the New Straits Times, the Tourism and Culture Ministry's KL-Putrajaya Office and Red Adventure, the event will be held on 26 October 2013.

Participants, in a team of four, will be racing against time and waistlines as they try to eat their ways towards the finish line. They will be running around KL, either on foot or by public transports, hunting for famous Malaysian dishes such as char kuey teaw, roti canai, nasi lemak, et cetera. While food will be the centre stage of the competition, there will be other non-food related tasks for the participants to accomplish, if anything to go by based on last year's race.

This competition is open to both locals and foreigners above the age of 18 with an entrance fee of RM 200 per team. There are prizes to be won, with cash totaling up to RM 18,000 as well as holiday packages in lucky draw. If you are interested, hurry up and sign up for only the first 150 teams will be accepted to take part. For more information, visit or call Red Adventure at 012-3551662.

I find this contest a good way to introduce our delicious food to the general public as well as tourists. If all thing goes well, you might even see me there with my team, fighting our ways to win the competition.


  1. most likely as team already there..just waiting for final confirmation from the rest and making the

  2. not sure yet bro. cause need to check schedule if I have anything planned on the 26th. good luck to u anyway! ;D

  3. me case of some unforeseen event comes up, I'll just find someone to replace me lo...haha

  4. Yummy in our tummies!!! Yeaaaaah!!!