Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cherating - Overview (Media Trip 2013)

Last week, I was one of the selected few lucky bloggers being invited for the Media Familiarization Trip 2013. The event was held in the Legend Resort, Cherating, in conjunction with the upcoming Visit Malaysia 2014. It was my first time attending such a gathering and I do hope it won't be my last for such a fun trip it was. Besides having the opportunity to visit Cherating and its surrounding attractions, I got to meet some new friends as well. Overall, an enjoyable adventure.

More to come. As of now, just enjoy the photos.

Warm reception by the Legend Resort Cherating staffs

Our room for the trip

Baby turtles! 

I just realized all of my baby turtles releasing photos are unusable! Damn my camera!

All set for the fireflies watch...

Early morning by the beach...

Mangrove River Cruise...

Batik school

Do you know how these keropok lekor (fish crackers) are made?

Something you can do while in the resort

Our dinner theme party



  1. so cute the baby turtles...
    bt why look like in the bathroom 1?

  2. Omg your baby turtles releasing photos couldn't be used? sorry to hear that bro. anyway, to other readers, I am one of the new friends he made at the trip. bestfriend wooo. hahah.

  3. Looking forward for next entry bro Jeff! You can copy some photos from my FB album if you feel related to your subject.

  4. Qifang: Those baby turtles are so adorable...this photo was taken in the turtle sanctuary where the animals are placed in a pool...hence, the bathroom feel...

    Khai: Well, my camera is a bit faulty after falling into the river...but anyhow, that's where Eric comes in, haha...and damn funny la your last comment! best friend!

    Meor: Thanks for the offer! I'll definitely do that if necessary...

  5. What?? Your camera fell into the river? Hope it still works okay though?

  6. Yea, it happened before the Cherating trip itself. Hence, my lens can't auto-focus itself. I have to do it manually. Other than that, it seems to be functioning quite ok.

  7. I thought it fell into the Cherating river. *Fuh* Haha. Funny huh? True whatt.. aahahaha

  8. If it fell into Cherating river, gone already la my camera...

  9. wow interesting! *please write asap* =P

  10. Haha. Yeah, I got reminder, straight away updated mine. Heheheeh

  11. haha...but you actually write very fast...everyday sure got one post...