Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Petaling Jaya - Dinner at Piccadilly's, Petaling Jaya

I know my Vietnam posts are behind schedule (not that I have any) and I will do my best to share my adventures in the country as fast as I can. I'm waiting for inspiration to strike! As of now, let me share with you my culinary adventure here in Kuala Lumpur.

A bunch of us had decided to go to Piccadilly's for dinner after Lady Percival showered the restaurant with nothing but good recommendations and the fact that she's a frequent visitor to the place showed good fate. Hence, we went for it last Saturday for dinner. Technically, it's not my first time there since Lady Percival had brought me once but it was just for chit chatting and no eating involved. 

Indian Chilli Chicken - RM 8.00

Cabonara Fettucini with Bacon - RM 11.00

The appetizer (Indian chilli chicken) was awesome. Spicy enough to tantalize your taste bud but would not leave you all pouring in sweats, in my opinion. Cabonara fettucini was nothing special but still tasty and very creamy. My baked seafood was cheesy favourite of mine though it's a bit of a misnomer since there were more mushrooms than prawns and squids. The squids were a tad bit too dried. As for the briyani chicken maharajah, I loved the sweet sauce, not spicy at all.

Baked Seafood - RM 10.50

Briyani Chicken Maharajah - RM 9.90

The food was delicious and it was definitely in the affordable range. Everything is pretty much in standard price which is a plus point for the restaurant. The environment is great what with the choice of songs being played at the background. Unfortunately, like any other non-high end restaurants, sports are their main channels and when there are football matches going on, songs are off and live telecasts are played. Nothing to complain about as I'm used to it. 

Look at the TV at the back...

Overall, it is a good damn spot to eat and have a good time out with friends. The fact that it is accessible by LRT is always a good thing especially for those without a car of his own like yours truly. I will definitely be back for more!

Restaurant Piccadilly's,
Millennium Square (LG006 & LG007), Petaling Jaya.


This is just my own opinion and not a paid review.