Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Newsflash - Malindo Airways is on the Way!

There is a new low cost carrier venturing to the sky comes next May and we consumers will definitely be spoilt for choices. Besides the reigning Air Asia, next year, Malindo Airways will make its maiden appearance and join other LCCs in connecting regional countries.

Malindo Airways will be making the new KLIA2 as its transit hub and that its initial routes would be between Malaysia and Indonesia as well as connecting the Peninsula with the East Malaysia before expanding its network to neighbourhood countries within four hours of flight. Its ticket fares will be lower or at least at par with Air Asia, according to Lion Air director Rusdi Kirana during press conference. PT Lion, which operates Lion Air, owns 49% share of the new LCC.

Our PM holding a Malindo aircraft - photo courtesy of The Stars

Even though Malindo Airways is a LCC, it will offer free in-flight entertainment, a light meal and WiFi facilities and there will be two classes, business and economic. There are still no news regarding its flight routes and the airline has yet to have Malaysian air operating license. However, once all these issues are settled, you can be sure that the air traffics will be much heavier next May.

Speaking of Air Asia, another new route has been launched and it is to Nanning, China. Air Asia will be flying thrice a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) starting 11 December 2012 and for its launching promotion, you can fly to Nanning at RM 99 one way. This promotional fare lasts until 16 September 2012 for travelling period between 11 December 2012 and 22 May 2013. You can learn more about the deal and what the attractions are in Nanning here


  1. More budget airlines are good for us! Yay! : )

  2. Indeed! More competition means cheaper flight tickets!!!

  3. i hope its better than air asia, air asia aint dat cheap nowadays.
    somemore got hidden costs.....aih

  4. yea, how true. let's pray that Malindo Airways will make Air Asia to cut down its fares...