Monday, July 23, 2012

Vietnam - A 7D/6N Itinerary

Tomorrow night, this time, I will be in Ho Chi Minh City, enjoying my long awaited July holidays. Initially planned for this Vietnam trip to extend a longer period as well as cover Hanoi, but due to work commitment and lack of time, I have to make due with going to Central Vietnam only. Here's my rough itinerary for this trip which serves as a guide but not to be followed whole-heartedly.

Day One
2040 Arrive Ho Chi Minh City
2130 Check in, go for a night drink!

Day Two
0800 Visit all touristy places (Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace, etc)
1730 Go to rooftop bar for a drink and sunset view on the city

Day Three
0800 Eat my way through Ho Chi Minh City
1900 Bid goodbye to the city, on board to go to Danang

Day Four
1200 Reach Danang, go Hoi An
1300 Explore Hoi An Ancient Town

Day Five
0830 Vietnamese cooking lesson
1430 Explore Hoi An

Day Six
0600 Depart to My Son

Day Seven
0600 Free and easy
1300 Back to Danang, fly back to KL

As you can see, this itinerary is as useless as it comes. But, that is the fun of travelling, you never know what you'll end up doing. Wish me a safe trip!


  1. I went Vietnam for 7D6N too April this year and regret for not going Hoi Ann, which I heard it is such a beautiful place to visit. Enjoy your trip. Are you travelling alone? I should tag u for my Laos trip next year

  2. Supposedly going with a friend of mine but have to cancel...
    I originally wanted to go to Laos this October but I don't think can already...your Laos trip already confirmed???

  3. Not yet. Was looking for a friend but none of them interested third world country like Laos and Myanmar. I was planning next year July cause my schedule full from Aug-Oct. Then November, I have 3 visitors coming to KK. U want join?

  4. I also planning to go both Laos and Myanmar...I'm trying to cover all SEA countries next year...July can le...fill me in more info...haha

  5. Good. Me too. I left Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, then I cover the whole SEA countries. I will work out the plan & send to you once I done. ;)

  6. Yeah, finally, have a safe trip, and of course enjoy your times !

  7. Oh! I haven't been to Vietnam!! Will follow your blog post closely! Enjoy you trip! : )

  8. @Diana: Laos, Myanmar and Philippines being the remaining countries in SEA countries I still haven't go yet, excluding Timor Leste...

    @Alive: Thanks and I'll surely enjoy myself...

    @foongpc: Let me tell you whether you should go there or not when I'm back! Haha...

  9. jeff: nice thr...?i cnat online at home again...
    boss not in today...haha...

  10. very nice i know why people enjoy backpacking so much...haha