Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ipoh - Chocolate Fondue at Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs restaurants are aplenty in Malaysia but the one in Ipoh was newly opened few months back. Ipoh no longer is a quaint little town now that development projects keep sprouting out there. The newly opened AEON Jusco at Station 18 is supposed to be the happening place in town right now but I had yet to go there. Maybe my next trip back home.

Surprisingly, the Haagen Dazs in Ipoh is quite crowded with people, especially at night. Often you heard tales of youngsters heading to cities like KL and Penang, leaving the one with families and older generations behind in Ipoh. But, last weekend, it's far from it from the look at Kinta City Shopping Complex and the Haagen Dazs itself. It was packed and we were unable to find a table for us on Saturday and when we did found one, they ran out of fondue! It was beyond belief!

My friend had to stalk the shop for empty tables...

We tried our luck the next night and luckily, we managed to find a seat and able to enjoy the chocolate fondue we came for. Maybe it was Sunday that was our charm (after all, people do need to go to work/school on Monday). And was it worth the hassle? Depends on who you asked.

A journey of indulgence indeed...

Me, I would say it worth it with the price we paid (I had 30% discount). You often seen people dipping breads in melting cheese during winter and while that is impractical here in Malaysia, dipping ice cream balls in melting chocolate is definitely more for our temperament. Watching the melted chocolate froze back into solid, coating the balls of ice creams, it is quite a sight.

Enjoy the photos.

Belgian chocolate's the best...



  1. 你来penang比较容易。

  2. It's easier to come to KL la...

  3. aiyo...then we meet Melaka la XD

  4. Let's compromise la, meet at Ipoh better...hehe

  5. both place la..=P seriously?i go Ipoh i call you de lo..hahahha

  6. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.