Thursday, April 26, 2012

Langkawi - Underwater World Langkawi

Looking at the itinerary for my Langkawi trip, by the end of Day 1, we should have gone up the Langkawi cable car as well as went strolling by the beach in late afternoon/early evening and we should already inside the Underwater World by 2pm. However, we only reached our hotel from the mangrove tour after 2pm. Clearly, itinerary is not mean to be taken seriously, a lesson I need to constantly remember.

Beautiful corals on display at Underwater World

We drove to the aquatic park as fast as the speed limit allowed, hopefully to reach there in time for the feeding session. But as luck would have it, the clock struck three when we arrived, signifying the beginning of the feeding time. Hunting for parking as well as obtaining entrance tickets took more or less half an hour and the animals were well fed by then. Lucky us, indeed.

He's not one of the animals in the tank

Anyhow, even though we missed out the feeding time, Underwater World Langkawi by itself is a very entertaining and enlightening place to be. There are a variety of aquatic creatures as well as land animals all being well taken care of. Fishes and sea animals swim as freely as the tank permitted and children and adults alike have the opportunity to interact with them.


For me, the most eye catching animal in the park has to be the penguins. Widely popularized by the popular culture with movies such as Happy Feet and Madagascar series, these flightless birds are as delightful and charming as they are depicted in the movies. Granted, they do not burst into songs or tap dancing their hearts out but still, their antics are mesmerizing.

The adorable penguins

Indeed, there are quite a few species of penguins over there but I remember one of them being the Rockfella penguins. These are the one with the yellowish eyelashes. I think there is emperor penguins as well, though I am not too sure, being so long ago.

Angelfish (am I right?)

Shark (the lazy kind, I think)

Somehow, I think we speeded our way through the Underwater World as we were rushing for relaxation by the beach. However, the ladies needed to go back hotel to change into their beach attires first. Don’t ask me why they didn’t change before heading out to Underwater World. Women are hard to understand. Here came another problem in which the car engine refused to start. We called and made a fuss to the car rental company and they sent out mechanic to fix it but only after the call did we realized we forgot to turn off the headlight which result the current situation. We ended up doing our duty free shopping right next to the Underwater World while waiting for the engine to rejuvenate.

And the irony was that the beach was right next to us throughout the whole time as Underwater World is situated near Pantai Cenang (Cenang beach), the beach we were supposed to go next. We only found out about this after we went back, changed into beach attire only to reach back the same freaking place at 8pm, way too late for sunset by the beach. As beach was out of option, we just went for seafood dinner at a Chinese restaurant along the beach. Again, decent food but nothing to shout about.

The restaurant we had our dinner


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Underwater World Langkawi is located at Pantai Cenang and getting there is not that hard with the help of GPS. Even without the assistance of the technology, there are road signs to guide you there. Entrance fee for adult is RM 38 (RM 28 for MyKad holders) and RM 28 for children from 3 to 12 years old (RM 18 with MyKad). For more information, you can go to the official website here.


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