Thursday, April 19, 2012

Langkawi - Mangrove Tour - Part 2

After the floating fishing farm where we had the opportunity of feeding stingrays, we then cruised off to the next destination, to watch the mighty eagles soaring up in the air. Oh, yea, before eagle watching, there was this Crocodile Cave but there is little to talk about so I’ll just skip it. Back to the eagle watching, which is simply magnificent and highlight of the tour, to see them flying freely and almighty in the sky. More photos after the jump.

There was not one, not two, not three, but dozens of them, gathering up there, diving down to the sea one at a time to make a catch for the day. There were other boats out there in the swamp and some of them were throwing meats to feed these eagles. Originally, I was very interested to take part in it but the tour that we got onto was of the eagle watching, not eagle feeding and it was for the better as doing the feeding will only cause the mighty birds to lose their edges in hunting and constantly relying on these feedings. Should there be no longer any feeding allowed in the future, these birds might starve to death.

Seeing them at their natural habitat is a must see in Langkawi!

I took plenty of eagle shots...

About half an hour later (which was too short in my opinion), we were taken off to our lunch in a floating Thai restaurant. Again, nothing to scream about this meal other than the fact that it was so awesome to dine out in the middle of the sea with the scenic view to accompany you.

Simply ordinary...

When the meal was done, we were then scooped off to an isolated beach for some sunbathing or swimming out in the open. As we were unaware of this arrangement, we came unprepared so going for a swim (or a dip in the sea) was off limit. But we still had our feet touching the cool, crystal clear water as we strolled along the beach and taking photographs.

The scenery we got there...

Crystal clear water

The ladies were doing god-knows-what...

Another half an hour later, we had to bide goodbye to the beach and it marked the end of the tour. But before we were taken back to the jetty, we made a last stop at the iconic Kilim Geoforest Park sign for some photo-taking session. Four hours were indeed just a blink of the eyes.



  1. The place looks great! I can't wait to go to Langkawi and see eagles flying above me. =)