Thursday, March 22, 2012

Langkawi - Perdana Quay

The sun was mercilessly glaring right into our eyes, forcing us to shield it from the brightness when we stepped our feet off the jetty terminal. There is little doubt that we were on an island soil, the heat of the sun being our evidence. It was already around 3pm and we were behind our itinerary by 3 hours. Right after we had done with our car rental business, off we went to our hotel to check in and drop off our luggage.

First time using GPS

Our hotel room

We tried to take off with our itinerary, going straight to the Langkawi Cable Car station to go up the hill for the scenic view but another thing that was off from our mind was how far it is from the town center. About an hour of car ride and no thanks to the GPS device which led us the scenic road, by the time we parked the car, it was around 5pm, leaving us about 2 hours at most for the views at the top of the mountain excluding the queue to get the tickets and the cable car ride itself. Therefore, it was postponed to the last day itself (which, unfortunately, we failed to see it through) and we spent the time at the oriental village, doing what we do best, shopping.

Gateway to the cable car

A view by the lake (man made)

Souvenirs to buy
After that, we went to the nearby Perdana Quay for a stunning view of the sunset with the many yachts docking there making a breathtaking vision. Everyone was playing model with the view as background. When photo taking session was over, we had a simple meal at an expensive Chinese restaurant along the quay, chatting till we lost track of time. That is the best part of travelling with good friends.

Sunset by the Perdana Quay


The many yachts docking there


Model shot

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If you want to go for the cable car ride, be well prepared for the scary queue awaiting you. There is a high possibility of queuing for more than few hours before being able to get onto the cable car. However, if you are feeling rich and RM 50 to you is nothing but a piece of paper, you can take the VIP Access where you can skip the queue. The cable car ride itself is RM 30 for foreigners and RM 15 for MyKad holders, return trip.


  1. I like this part "chatting till we lost track of time. That is the best part of travelling with good friends"