Sunday, March 11, 2012

Langkawi - Kuala Kedah Jetty

*Note: It's been almost a month since my last update. There is always a sense of fear when it comes to writing. Afraid that what was being written will not do justice to the fun we had. Fear that it was somehow inaccurately portrayed. I'm always too self-critical when it comes to words and I guess it's true that the greatest critic you'll ever faced is yourself. Anyway, I'm back and here is my last month's trip to Langkawi.*

The sky still retained its blueness when I left my home early in the morning around 6.20am but by the time I finished fetching the last of us, it was about 7am and there was a pint of glorious yellow in the sky, creating a totally new colour resembling indigo. So much for being extra early, I thought.

The drive up to Kuala Kedah jetty was a tiring one. Joyful ride for sure, but nonetheless, tiring. Most of us were dead beats, waking up so early in the morning after the late train ride back from KL to Ipoh the previous night. A weekend relaxation in Langkawi was what we needed to rejuvenate our spirits back to its normal selves.

The journey up north can best be described in two sections just as the highway from Jelapang toll to the Alor Setar toll being halved at Juru, Penang. The Jelapang - Juru highway boosted nothing spectacular to see. Tall palm trees had made permanent residences along the roadside. Factories were something of a regularity when we were getting nearer to Penang. Maybe it was because this stretch of highway I'm too used to it having drove to Penang quite frequently for the whole three years.

However, after the Juru toll and as we were heading further north, the scenaries began to change for the better. Beautiful paddy fields began to populate our visions as we crossed into Kedah, a paddy state. By this time, the sun was already at its glorious self, giving off warm glow of light which reflected well with the green pastures on my left and right.

Look at the crowd!

It was already about 10am by the time we reached the jetty. A huge crowd was what I had expected but never did I imagine it would be this many people. Parking was scarce and the queue to buy the tickets was long. The next ferry ride which was at 10.45am was all sold out and we managed to secure the remaining four tickets for the next one at 12pm.

The serene fishing village of Kuala Kedah

As with everything in Malaysia, punctuality is not our greatest asset and the ferry was almost 30 minutes late when it arrived. The whole 2 hours ferry ride was a doze fest for all of us and before we knew it, we were already docked at Langkawi jetty. It was already around 3pm.

The luxurious yachts docking at Langkawi

We had arrived!


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You can take ferry ride to Langkawi at three places; Swettenham Pier in Penang, Kuala Kedah jetty in Kedah, and Kuala Perlis jetty in Perlis. There are only two slots from Penang while it is quite frequent in the other two jetties. From Kuala Kedah, it takes about 1 hour 45 minutes and it's RM 23.00 for a single trip.