Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Singapore - Universal Studio (Or So You Think)

The next day, after the magical hours of Wicked, we went to have a quickie at Universal Studio. The quickie in reference here means nothing but a hi-bye sort of visit to the theme park, a tease of what to come should we decide to go the next time to Singapore. Yup, we were there just to take photos and soak in the excitement.

The famous Universal globe

In all honesty, it sucked to stand outside taking pictures with that famous rotating globe, not being able to join the fun guarantee inside it. While everyone was anxious to enter Universal Studio, we were just there doing nothing but playing with our cameras, revolving around that landmark. Being on a strict budget sucks big time!

The many candies decorating Candylicious

Well, at least we did buy some candies from Candylicious to cheer ourselves up. I ended up buying two packs of Hershey’s kisses for myself as well as for my colleagues as souvenirs. Not sure if it’s cheap or not but screw it. When all the glamour of sightseeing was over, we headed back to the city.

So delicious you just can't get enough of it

With our purchases and the globe


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