Monday, May 23, 2011

Siem Reap - Goodbye, Phnom Penh. Hello, Angkor Wat - Day 2 Part 1

A good rest we did not have yet we were all as energetic as we can be the next morning taking a long ride to Siem Reap. We departed from our hotels around 6.15am and we were on the road for around 6 hours. That's how long it takes to reach Siem Reap from Phnom Penh. 

Early in the morning at Phnom Penh

Hawkers are preparing their stalls

Pork rice, my breakfast
Sticky rice with beans, our snacks during the ride

The only logical thing to do during the ride would be to enjoy the scenic views the country has to offer. The green fields, the wooden houses, locals riding bicycles or sitting on a mini truck, after a while, we simply cannot stand it and dozed off after our breakfast. A blink of eyes and we were already reached Siem Reap. Sleeping makes trips seems shorter than it is.

We went to our hotel to check in our luggages before we scooted off to Angkor National Park, our main destination. Angkor National Park is where Angkor Wat and all the ancient temples from the country are located. Inside the park, you can explore the temples and also sip in the serenity and be up close with nature. 

Bicycles are good mode of transportation, in my opinion

Traditional Khmer cuisines, our lunch
We had our lunch inside the national park and it was cheap and reasonable with the foods itself rather delicious. I had no idea what it was called but as far as I know, it's traditional Khmer dishes. It's located opposite Angkor Wat so for those who want to try it out, you can just head to Angkor Wat and look for the restaurant directly opposite it. 

After that, first stop, Angkor Wat. Read on for more pictures of this beautiful ancient temple.
At the front of the majestic temple

A long walk to the site

Me with Angkor Wat

My roommate's awesome power that erected Angkor Wat

Some shots of the temples

We were listening to the rich history behind Angkor Wat

Some carvings on the walls that depicted Hinduism

Miss Lim with Angkor Wat

The section in the above picture, people used to be allowed to climb the steps up to look at the view of the surroundings from above until someone fell down from it. The steps were known to be very narrow and that you need both your hands to assist with the ascend. Now, you are no longer allowed to climb up but to take another route if you want to go up.

Some random shots

We bid goodbye to Angkor Wat
It was extremely rush due to our scheduling and we barely get to know Angkor Wat. This is a common problem throughout the trips and it was our own faults with the schedule of the trip. Rush and rush we were, with barely enough time to linger any longer at any place. Which is a waste as Cambodia, especially Angkor Wat and the temples at the site, need more than just an hour to explore.


Sharing is caring. A word of advice and a piece of information.

The entrance rate for Angkor National Park is as followed: USD 20 for a day pass, USD 40 for three-day pass, and USD 60 for one week pass. A day at Angkor Wat is definitely not enough, speaking from experience. A week seems to be a tad bit long. Hence, it is advisable to go for the 3-day pass which is much value for money. And make sure you do not lose your pass for the management team behind the park is very strict. They checked your pass every time you entered a temple.