Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phnom Penh - When All Are Here - Day 1 Part 2

It's about 4.45pm when everyone has finally arrived in Phnom Penh. We went to meet them at the airport and together, we travelled by van that we rented for the trip back to the hotel to put their luggages. After that, off we went to dinner!

It was just walking distance to the shopping complex where we will be having our dinner, the Master Suki Soup restaurant, a steamboat place. The restaurant is located at the top floor of the building where you can have an aerial view of the surrounding, especially the Central Market which we unfortunately did not have the time to have a look at.

Heading to the restaurant

Central Market

My roommate

My coursemates

The ingredients inside the steamboat

After our dinner, we went to explore the city. Our mode of transportation was the tuk tuks. It was the cheapest way to maneuver around. The first stop was the recreational park somewhere in the city. Phnom Penh has a lot of recreational parks and its people are very health conscious. There were a lot of people in the park, some picnicking, some walking leisurely, mostly dancing. There were a lot of them doing flash dance on the park and everyone, young and old, joined in the fun. Most of the songs used were either Korean songs or dance hits.

In tuk tuk

A group of people performing a sketch

Flash dancing

A monument in the park

Next on our schedule was to go to the Diamond Island. The island is more or less a big recreational park but with beautiful and Roman-inspired decorations. It was mainly used as a venue for exhibitions and for wedding photo shoots, according to my friend. A lot of youngsters were in the place.

Some of the said decorations

Baked cow, something we had seen throughout in Phnom Penh

The last stop of the day would be the Independence Monument, a beautiful pagoda-like building erected in commemorate with the country's independence. At this point, my camera has almost ran out of battery. Luckily, I managed to snap a few shots more of the monument before it dried up.

Independence Monument at night


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There are no buses that bring people around the city. Tuk tuks are the most cheap and convenient way to travel around. Otherwise, you can also consider walking which I had yet to try.


  1. Its a lovely place and next on my list, seems a popular one to visit these days.

  2. indeed it is...and the fact that it's low budget trip is high on everyone's mind...

  3. where did you stay at PP? hoping to see the rest of the post before I visit in June :)

  4. i think i stayed at Sambath Phal 1 Hotel somewhere near Central Market...i'm not too sure with the spelling though...hope i can finish with my entries before ur departure...