Monday, May 2, 2011

It's May Already

Wow. How time flies. In just few days, I'll be all done for my degree and will be soon enter the transitional state from student to unemployed. May will also be the time where I will bide farewells to all my friends that I came to cherish and trust in these three years time. But, before the unstoppable goodbye, first, we will enjoy ourselves in a foreign land of Cambodia! All of us (mostly all) will be going to Cambodia. This trip will serve as a graduation trip for us all and also a chance to spend some more time together. It is going to be an emotional experience, I bet. After this trip, the only time where everyone of us will gather together will be the convocation day which is on September. Now, excuse me as I shed some tears.


  1. enjoy ur trip! n take good care...wish u have a very bright future~
    see u on Sept~ =)

  2. natasha: thanks and all the best to you too...

    chifang: haiz, yea fast right???

  3. Like you will shed tears lo...