Thursday, June 25, 2015

Indonesia - Prambanan

Again, I'm back after another hiatus which I hope will be the last one in near future. Now, I just want to finish the story about my Yogyakarta trip that happened 2 years back which I started writing about almost a year ago. Talk about procrastination.


So, after our Mount Merapi jeep adventure, we moved on to next attraction in Yogyakarta: Prambanan. Other than its gorgeous islands, Indonesia is also famous for its historic religious sites and Prambanan is one of the many.

About 30 minutes from city centre, this Hindu temple is the largest in the country and among the biggest in the region. Dedicated to the deities Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver) and Shiva (Destroyer), the complex was inscribed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, together with Borobudur.

Upon entering the complex, you will notice that not all of the buildings are still structurally intact. A lot of the smaller candi on the outer ring are either damaged or in a rumbled state. In fact, the main temple, the worship site for Shiva, which is located at the centre of the compound, is still considered unstable and they only allowed 50 people to enter at one go.

Some of the damaged structures

Warning sign for Shiva temple

All these has nothing to do with poor management but rather the fury of Mother Nature. Recent earthquakes and volcano eruptions have caused major damages to the complex, some of which are simply irreparable.

You have to wear safety helmets before going to the temple

You should take your own time slowly exploring the complex and admiring the craftsmanship of the olden days. I think we spent about 2 hours, more or less, before our grumbling stomachs drew our attentions. Our driver, Saiful, took us to a nearby restaurant we had some simple and traditional Indonesian cuisines.

Such detailed craftsmanship 

Group shot

After our lunch, we were clueless as to where to go. We did stop by Ratu Bako, another cultural site but we decided not to enter. We went back to the city centre around 6 and did a quick walk before calling it a day since we have been out since 8 in the morning.

Fried chicken


The following day was rather free and easy with nothing planned except for our flight home. After breakfast, we were all ready to be back home.


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