Thursday, June 5, 2014

Poland - Greetings from Warsaw!

Greetings from Warsaw! 

It had been a very inactive weeks for the blog and I have a good reason. I'm enjoying my time here in Warsaw, Poland. It has been more than 3 weeks here in the capital city and while I'm based here during weekdays, it is a different story for weekends. 

So far, my first weekend was in Warsaw, exploring the charming historic old town while the following week, we went to Poznan, a charming little university town about 3 hours and a half from Warsaw. Last weekend, we visited Gdansk, a beautiful port city that we all love to go again before the end of the training. 

And this coming weekend, I'll be going to Torun, a few hundreds kilometers away from Warsaw well known for its medieval architectures. Looking forwards to the coming weekend. There'll be more of Poland when I'm back home and here are 3 photos of every places I've been to so far as a teaser.


The atmospheric Old Town Market Square

Aerial shot of the Old Town

Nowe Swiat


The beautiful basilica

Look at the colourful buildings in the Market Square

I am loving their parks - so beautiful


Gdansk truly comes alive at night


While Malbork Castle is not exactly in Gdansk, the close proximity allows us to drop by for a visit

I'll share more of my weekend trips at the end of the month. For photos of my Poland adventures, just follow my Instagram here.



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    1. It is..I think it'll be much prettier when covered in snow..

  2. Poland! I really wish I could grab flight ticket now and fly over to Poland but until now, Home Immigration tak approved =(

    1. Home Immigration didn't approve your "passport"? So sorry to hear that..

  3. So...amazing!! Memang cantik!

    1. Europe la, bro..mana mana pun cantik..haha

  4. Such a coincident. Got my tickets out of Warsaw (flying in to Zagreb) in a couple of months ;)
    Looking forward to your blog posts :)

    1. Zagreb, Croatia! I wish I get to be there...