Friday, April 18, 2014

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 - Dragon Path, Kampar

To support Visit Malaysia Year 2014, I will be writing on various tourist attractions in the country. Let us work together to bring in tourists to our lovely Malaysia.


This article is a rewrite version of the one published in Virtual Malaysia.

Dragon Path

Hiking is part of the training for the upcoming Mount Kinabalu "expedition" and instead of the regular Kledang Hill, it was decided that we tried Dragon Path in Kampar. Dragon Path is a short enough trail that begins in the middle of the residential area in the old part of the town. About 505 metres, the trail diverges into two routes; one offers few stops along the way while the other, a century tree. Both routes convene before reaching the terminal point.

Map of the trail

Hiking mates

Dragon Path is strictly a training route, in my opinion, for there are little things to get excited for. Perhaps my lack of knowledge on botany hindered my appreciation towards all things green but to my untrained eyes, they looked like typical rain forest trees. Markers are placed on trees and boulders to guide to the terminal station. Boulders and fallen tree trunks might pose slight obstacles but not impossible to walk over it. If rained the night before, the muddy trail might be slippery. Generally, Dragon Path is suitable for beginners. 

Muddy trail this is

Markings on the trees to guide you

In under an hour, we reached to the terminal point. If you're expecting great views of Kampar town, be prepared for disappointment for the last stop is nothing but a flat terrain, surrounded by trees. For a good view of the town, there is an observation platform near the second station. 

Terminal point

Dragon Path did its purpose for us, which was to train our stamina. 

Info Box

Dragon Path,
Kampar, Perak.
There is no entrance fee.


  1. Si, you did not take any picture the observation platform nor went to the waterfall? haha

    Ah I miss hiking so much!

    Must exercise more to get rid of this belly and fat.. hhahaha

  2. observation platform tu I lazy to go have a look..As for the waterfall, only when I saw the photo I realized of its existence..My friend didn't really show us where was it..

  3. Jeff, may I know which Jalan Naga Emas road should I take to the starting point of the hike