Monday, March 10, 2014

Hotel Review - Vigan Hotel, Vigan

I stayed for a night in Vigan Hotel, a beautiful mansion turned hotel that is close to major attractions in the city. I did not book for my stay when in Vigan as I wanted to explore around the available places to stay. Due to the fact that I am a solo traveller with limited budget, I chose Vigan Hotel as they have single rooms.

Vigan Hotel

The room that I stayed in was an air conditioned single room. It was a small room with basic necessities such as bed and a television. The bathroom is located outside the room and it is shared basis. The condition is a bit rundown, and frankly, a tad bit unappealing. I believe if you booked in advance, you can find a better room with the price I paid for this, which is PHP 695 (about RM 54).

Single room

Well, it was just for a night and I can't find any other hotels with a lower budget.



  1. RM54 is consider affordable as the room itself is an air-conditioned and single room.

  2. It is affordable but I do think you can find a double bed room around that price too.

  3. The room looks simple but I prefer not to have the chair in the room, especially if I am staying alone. Lol. But with that price, I think I tend to agree with you. Maybe there are other better options with such price,

  4. You afraid that when you woke up, there might be someone sitting on it? Haha...