Monday, March 24, 2014

Philippines - Crisologo Street, Vigan

Vigan's prized possessions of cobblestone walkways, Spanish inspired mansions and romantic atmosphere are best seen here along Crisologo Street. This stretch of road, dubbed Vigan Heritage Village, is the best place to be for beautifully preserved colonial houses.

Crisologo Street

Beautifully preserved Spanish mansions and houses
As you walked along the cobblestone pathway, with horse-drawn carriages passing you by, it seems surreal, almost like you were being transported back to the 18th century.

Calesa is the way to leisurely and romantically explore Vigan

The unique attribution to Vigan is the main reason the historic part of the city was being listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was noted that "Vigan is an exceptionally intact and well-preserved example of a European trading town in East and Southeast Asia. The architecture is truly reflective of its roots in both materials and design, in its fusion of Asian building design and construction with European colonial architecture and planning."

Its design has both Asian and European features

I spent most of the day exploring this heritage village, taking photos from every possible angle. If you think Vigan can't get any more prettier, wait until nightfall for it transformed the whole town into a picturesque site. I felt like it could be my heaven. 

It's really as different as day and night


Sharing is caring. A word of advice and a piece of information.

Crisologo Street is really crowded throughout the day. Your landscape photos will most likely be photo-bombed by strangers during that time. Sacrifice a few hours of sleep and explore the heritage site early in the morning. It will be deserted of peoples and you can take all the photos that you like.

These photos were taken early in the morning

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