Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Medan - Overview

It seemed easy enough to ride a scooter. Even without knowing how to ride a motorcycle, I was confident enough that my years of cycling will compensate for it. And this will be my training ground for me if I plan to take up motorcycle license.

Riding these scooters

Indeed, it was easy enough. After riding it for the first time as a test run and seemingly alright with it, I continued to ride it. The journey was so relaxing and enjoyable, absorbing all the beautiful scenery Lake Toba has to offer. Peaceful paddy fields. Traditionally designed Batak houses. Serene lakeside. 

Some of the scenery along the way

When it was about time to return back the scooters, we made an U-turn, something I was not so skilled at. The road was not wide enough for a perfect turning, making me all the more nervous. Somehow, I got all panicky and instead of a careful reverse after hitting the side barrier, my grip on the throttle gotten tighter and instead of pulling the brake, I accelerated forwards and lost my balance, falling sideways.

Luckily, the injuries sustained were nothing too major. It was all mostly scratches on the hand and leg, both on my right side. Painful indeed, but no permanent damages. Scars, perhaps. The locals nearby who saw the horror quickly came to my help. So were my friends. After rinsing off the wounds by the roadside, we then headed back to return the scooters and cleaned off the wounds. 

The wound on the next day

All this in the first day itself. I do believe this Medan trip will definitely the one I won't forget.



  1. haha..noob!
    Lesson learn: go get ur motor license that this wont happen again ^^

  2. Ah Bagus Bay... I had a friend who had a scooter accident when we were staying there back in July. Beautiful place and easy to have a accident on some of those roads.

  3. Torres: Haha, am planning to do that soon..or at least till my wounds all healed up..

    jmonty: When we were heading back to mainland, we saw few passengers having bruises and scratches as well..somehow, I wasn't so embarrassed by it anymore..

  4. Hey bro. I also have no m/cycle licence. Yet, I am riding everyday for work. Hahaha. You wanna free class from me? hehehe. But the injuries seem awful!

  5. OMG! And you're a lawyer! How unlikely of you!

  6. heart also pain...

  7. sakit kan??? lain kali don't go missing liao la...

  8. wei......nt 100% cause of this...haha