Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Philippines - Bangui Windmill

Many people had asked me, where did you go when in Philippines, and when I said, Laoag City, a blur look was the response. Where exactly is Laoag City and what is there to see?

Hearty breakfast, longsilog or pork sausage with fried egg and garlic rice

Well, Laoag City is in Ilocos Norte and while my main purpose is to visit the UNESCO Heritage Site, Paoay Church in Paoay about 30 minutes away, I did go to other interesting sites a bus ride or two away from the city. Not to say there is nothing to see within the city but since I was in the region, why not explore some other sites as well?

So, first stop, Bangui windmills.

I actually found out about this through a Filipino lady working in a travel fair. When I told her I was planning to go to Laoag City, she was surprised by it as not many travellers would know of this place. Then, she told me about this Bangui windmills and Pagudpud which is well known for its scenic atmosphere and as a surfing beach. She also told me about Banaue rice terrace, another UNESCO Heritage Site which was also in my itinerary originally before scraping it off due to its long distance.

Bangui town

Anyhow, after breakfast, I took a bus to Bangui town which then changed into a town jeepney to the windmills. You can find jeepneys to Bangui from Laoag City if you want some local adventure. Ask the driver to stop at Bangui windmills if you are not too sure where it is or just ask the locals. They are very friendly. 

Friendly locals in the jeepney

Beware of the tricycles around the windmills. They will say that the place is too far to walk and will offer to bring you to the site but in all honesty, it was maybe about 10 minutes walk. They charged quite heftily also. I would know for I fell for it.

I have to say that I was very much impressed by what I saw at the beach. Yes, it was on a beach where these windmills are and they looks lovely. I didn't realize that windmills exist in our region at all. I knew about the one in California (thanks to a Hong Kong series I watched growing up) and am very fascinated by it. Now, I don't have to go that far for it.

Bangui windmills

The beach was rather deserted. Not that many tourists were there on that day and I had a feeling it was not just that day itself. You have the whole stretch of beach by yourself and although it is not some well-known one, it is still quite nice and clean. However, the main attraction has to be the windmills themselves.

I saw a lot of goats in the beach

I spent about an hour there doing nothing but just taking pictures of the windmills from all available angles and spots. After that, I scanned around the souvenir stalls lining around the beach. I wonder how they can survive in this situation? I bought some key chains and fridge magnets as souvenirs.

Windmills key chains and fridge magnets

Filipinos really abide by it..the beach is really clean

p/s This is a scheduled post. I am now currently enjoying myself in Taipei, Taiwan.


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The scenery along the journey is amazing. While heading back to Laoag City, you get to see these windmills passing right by you. Therefore, stay awake while on the road and enjoy the scenery.


  1. Enjoying yourself in Taiwan, huh? *jealous note* hahha

    Wow. Even I didnt know there are windmills in SEA. I though we have to go the Holland for that! ;D

  2. Haha, Khai, I was until now that I'm back in Malaysia...Definitely needs readjustment..

    Yea, I didn't even know about it until that trip itself...Must go have a look..