Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hotel Review - Teratak Riverview Resort

The journey to Teratak Riverview Resort was an adventure itself. Our buses were too big for the narrow road leading to the resort, leaving us no other option but to board on the lorries and trucks provided by them. For the outsiders, this whole scene definitely looks like smuggling of illegal immigrants, with us all standing at the back of the lorries and trucks. 

Teratak Riverview Resort

Humans and luggage were of little difference

It was a bumpy ride, to say the least. We constantly had to look out for branches and leaves in order not to get hit by them. Didn't I say it is an adventurous journey right from the start?

When we reached the resort, somehow, the air seemed much fresher. Maybe it was, what with the close proximity to the Selangor River and being surrounded by forest. It was definitely refreshing to be away from concrete jungle I'm used to.

Soaking in the river

Our rooms were located uphill, which gave off a stunning view of the whole surrounding. We have been warned beforehand about our living conditions, that it is nothing but a basic one. Indeed, the room itself consists of a double bed and an attached bathroom. A simple ceiling fan and a light bulb to complete it.

A bed and an attached bathroom, that's all in a room

The view from my room

Meals were provided by the resort, buffet style, simple but delicious foods. Everything here is self-service, hence, after eating, you are required to wash your own plates and cups. I guess this is something campers used to.

Here in Teratak Riverview Resort, there are two activities that I personally anxious to go for. The first being the flying fox and the second was river tubing. After dinner, we rested for a while to wait for the end of the sudden heavy rain. Once that was over, flying fox began. We were briefed on the safety equipment and how to wear them before we began.

Our instructor explaining the how-to for these gears

Gears for flying fox

Landing platform

Doing flying fox at night somehow has little effect on me. Due to the dark surrounding, there was little much to see. The 10 second long journey was simply too short for adrenaline junkie like me. However, one interesting fact about this flying fox is that you are zipping through border from Perak to Selangor as the river itself is a natural border of these 2 states. With the starting and the ending points at both sides of the river, you just crossed the border in mere 10 seconds.

Zooming through the line in the morning

The next day, after breakfast, we lazed around the river, admiring the beautiful nature. While most of them went for a dip, I just stayed by the riverbank snapping away.

Morning view

Relaxing by the river

Four-wheel ride across the river

Not too long later, we went for river tubing. As the current of the river was rather strong with quite a number of boulders along the way, it made for an exciting adventure. Wearing a life jacket and a helmet while carrying a rubber tube, we walked to a pit stop a few minutes away from the resort. This was our starting point.

Everyone was taking their turns on tubing

I was the last of them all. While drifting through the river, my tube was stuck by one of those boulders and the strong current caused me to overturn. I was the lucky few who were unable to go through the whole ride and definitely the only one who ended up losing his glasses to the river. I mean, there were quite a lot of them wearing them but it has to be who capsized and lost his glasses. Just my luck.

Minor things aside, it was definitely a unique experience to me. I had never went for camping or anything of those sort growing up and this trip somehow filled up that empty slot. 


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Teratak Riverview Resort is one of the resorts we stayed in during the Hulu Selangor media familiarisation trip organized by M-Mode Berhad, Santai Travel and Tourism Malaysia with supports from Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor. The best way of making reservations for your groups is by contacting Teratak Riverview Resort as you can discuss with them regarding activities available and accommodations. Prices vary so do call either Mr Mohamad Noor Hakim or Miss Norhanah at 013-5335033, 019-5115033 or 05-4581037. You can even drop them an e-mail at


  1. Lost your glasses in the river.. oh my god.. but it was fun huh hehee.. :D
    Thanks for share this good info.. really like all the activiti you do there..

  2. Sure, no problem...
    it was fun even with the lost glasses...haha