Thursday, November 14, 2013

#TSBreakAway - 7 Shots of Pulau Ketam

"The main issue we are dealing with here in Pulau Ketam is the rubbish problem," said Mr Song Soon Guan, councillor for Klang Municipal Council. Even if he didn't point it out, we could see it with our own eyes. 

Plastic bags, polystyrene containers, water bottles, aluminium cans, and even baby diapers surfaced on the island as the water receded. During low tide, Pulau Ketam looks like a town built on top of a landfill site. It is simply an ungodly sight. How did this happen? I find this illustration the best answer to it.

It is a shame, really, for Pulau Ketam is quite a characteristic little fishing island. Colourful houses on wooden stilts scattered throughout the island. Small boats docked by the shore, getting ready for its seafaring hours. Villagers cycled about in surprising speed, leaving me befuddled as to why they were in such a hurry. 

Pulau Ketam just screams, "Photograph me!" So, I did. Like the previous post on 7 shots of Klang, here's my 7 shots of the island. I hope they do convey the idle lifestyle of this quaint island. 

A daily life of Pulau Ketam

House on stilt

Two boats side by side

Wall decoration

Another shot of two boats

Boats docked by the shore

Late afternoon at Pulau Ketam

 Pulau Ketam is the setting for the writing workshop with Dina Zaman, a prolific Malaysian writer. This is itinerary for Day 2 of #TSBreakAway, a pilot program initiated by Tourism Selangor.

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