Monday, November 25, 2013

Hong Kong (香港) - Four Seasons Hot-Pot (春夏秋冬火锅)

It is a common practice to go for a steaming hot-pot during cold season. That was what we were aiming for to be our dinner in the second night of Hong Kong. After experiencing the magical wonders of Disney the whole day and ended it with a fantastic firework show, we reluctantly leaved Hong Kong Disneyland and went back to city centre.

The entrance is located along an alley and you have to climb the stairs to reach it

Just like the first night, our dinner was rather late as by the time we found a hot-pot restaurant, it was already 10 p.m. We stumbled upon the restaurant on our way back to the hostel. There are a few branches and this Four Seasons Hot-Pot is a North Point branch, located within walking distance from our hostel.

Some of the servings we ordered

It was rather empty but understandably so considering the time and all. We ordered a few plates, mostly fish, chicken and vegetables, as they only served a la carte. As the menu is in Chinese, we had to ask the waiter to help translate for us. He was rather shocked to see us 4 Chinese not able to read Chinese characters but speak Cantonese fluently. Well, that's Malaysian Chinese for you.

The soup bases we asked for were plain and ma la (麻辣) soup, a spicy soup combining Sichuan peppers and chili peppers. We often see it in Hong Kong dramas and were interested in trying it out. We regretted immediately for it was dead spicy and a bit oily.

Plain and ma la soup bases

Overall, it was an unique experience, especially with the ma la soup. However, I doubt I will go for another round. Try it purely for the ma la soup if you like hot and spicy. Total cost of the meal was about HKD 350 which is about RM 138 for 4 persons. 

Surprisingly, by the time we were about to leave, the crowds began to arrive. It was not as empty as we first entered. I guessed the locals really enjoy steaming hot foods during cold weather.

This was the crowd when we were about to leave


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Restaurant Four Seasons Hot-Pot is located in 177 1/F, King's Road, opposite Fortress Hill MTR Station. For more information, visit their website here.

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