Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm Back!

Wow, I have deserted my blog for more than 3 months already! I better start updating it or otherwise, people will begin to think that this blog is dead for good.

These past few months had been an exciting one for me, especially from end of July 2013 to early September 2013 as I have been on the move most of the time. My first destination was Pulau Perhentian. It was a spontaneous, last minute trip, as my last day in the company came a week earlier than expected. I took a bus from Putra bus terminal to Kuala Besut and from the small town, took a speedboat ride to the island. I spent about 3 days there doing nothing but lazed around the white sandy beach, went out into the sea to snorkel, and read a book or two. It was a truly simple life.

The beautiful beach of Perhentian Kecil

After that, my next stop was Vientiane, Laos. I went with a fellow blogger, Diana, and we spent a good one week exploring the capital city and its charming countrysides up north like Vang Vieng, Phosavonh and Luang Prabang. With Laos done, I have finished with the Southeast Asian countries, excluding Timor Leste.

Patoxai or the Victory Monument in Vientiane

Plain of Jars, a mysterious occurance in Phosavonh

I then crossed border to Thai side from Vientiane to Udon Thani, a city in northern Thailand only to take a train ride to Bangkok to meet up with my family. Somehow, it has become an annual thing with my family to go for an overseas trip even though after the disastrous Singapore trip. Luckily, this time in Bangkok, it fared much better.

When the week was over, my family flew back to Malaysia while I took a bus ride to Phuket. I spent roughly 3 days in the island, exploring its quaint old town as well as hopping around its surrounding islands. Even though it was supposed to be low season, the crowd there is still large and most of them are Chinese tourists. I followed Phuket with a quick stop in Hat Yai to catch a train back to Malaysia.

Rows of umbrellas in Patong Beach

Next, I continued with a 2 week stay in Sabah. I concentrated mostly in Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu. While Sandakan is more of a small town, it is much easier to navigate around its attractions as there are public buses and transportation to bring you around while in Kota Kinabalu, the famous sites are almost 2 hours away from city centre.

These two shots of old buildings, can you tell which is Luang Prabang and Phuket Old Town?

Well, at least for these past one month plus, I have a wonderful time, seeing new things and meeting new friends. I can't wait for another long-term vacation like this again. More about it soon.



  1. It's fun to travel with you and you're such a good planner. Looking forward to travel with you again. =)

  2. It was fun too for me and I really had a good time. We should have another trip someday.

  3. Finally, u hv some post...haha
    very pack ya ur whole august...

  4. Wow! Your journey seems amazing la Jeff. I am so jealous now! Hahah..

  5. Qifang: haha yea lo..u should try it too..

    Khai: you can also do it yourself..I found your journey up north is just as awesome..