Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Taiping - Taiping Zoo

Hello, readers, however few you may be.

Sorry for the lack of updates. My laptop has officially been certified, leaving me no other means of posting any entries. Using my phone to do so seems like such a tedious work, so, I rather wait until I bought a new laptop. Or like now, when I borrow my friend's laptop for a night. Anyhow, I'll just post new entries whenever I found a way to do so.

Back in last month, I followed my friends to Taiping for a day trip. The purpose was to go exploring the Hindu temples around the town. In between the temples hopping, we also stopped by some famous places in Taiping such as the Lake Garden, Maxwell Hill and Taiping Zoo.

RM 12.00 per adult

I had been to the zoo quite a number of times and I always find the animals in the zoo rather inactive. They would just laze around the cages, either sleeping off the afternoon or just laying there doing nothing. The same scenario happened for this visit and the animals were just motionless. Well, can't really blame them since the weather that day was freaking humid.

It was such a hot day that we can't blame them for not moving...

 Not all the animals were inactive. Some are still giving us quite a show. One particular giraffe was interacting with us visitors, giving off some very striking poses. The tigers were at one point roaring out loud, possibly arguing who's going to go into the manmade cave. They were even attempting to fight until the hot weather demotivated them, I presume.

Hello, handsome!

These two tigers were having a fight off!

And the losing one being exiled to far end...


This camel is sponsored by AmBank...

Taiping Zoo is still a nice place to bring your families and children to get up close with nature. Its close distance to both Penang and Ipoh gives the zoo an added advantage for those living in these cities. Besides the Taiping Zoo, there is also a night safari that you can consider going. I have yet to go for it so, maybe, I should. Someday.


  1. Cuti-Cuti Malaysia! I heard so much about Taiping Zoo but frankly speaking, when comes to zoo in Malaysia, I tends dislike to visit cause just like you said, not really that fun and attractive cause most of the animals are inactive and sleep all the time.

  2. Yup! Been doing a lot of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia recently.
    Not to be unkind and all but yea, if all the animals are inactive, what's the point of going to the zoos?