Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Newsflash - Air Asia X Flies to Busan!

Air Asia X has added a new destination to its ever expanding flight routes and this time, the airline is making a stop in Busan, the second largest metropolis in South Korea after Seoul. Busan seems like an eventual route after Air Asia Japan launched flights to the city last year from Tokyo as well as the hallyu wave that has been hitting the world by storm.

So, what are Busan's attractions? Among of the are the Korea's largest beach, Haeundae Beach, as well as Korea's longest river, Nakdong River. Besides these two, temples and historical monuments are aplenty in this Korean city. Another main selling point, according to the advertisement from Air Asia, is that Busan serves as the main gateway to Jeju Island. That's my dream place to be.

As with every new launching, Air Asia X is having a sale and you can fly to Busan from as low as RM 199.00. Booking period is from 17 April 2013 until 28 April 2013 while travel period begins from 15 July 2013 to 30 April 2014.

Grab this deal before it's too late. For more information, visit Air Asia's website.


  1. So did you bought to Busan? I wanna buy but don't know this time, don't dare to take the challenge of buying it cause unsure what and will I do next year.

  2. no as I too dare not buy any flight for next year. The future is very uncertain.