Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vietnam - Danang Easyrider Tour Part 2

Part 1 talks about the start of my Danang Easyrider tour from Hoi An, stopping by Son Tra and Hai Van Pass.

Once we finished our coffee and tea, we continued along with our journey heading to Hue. As I had emphasized too often in Part 1, the views here are to die for. Lush green mountain, clear blue sky, luminescent ocean, what is there not to love about here?

Look at this picture and tell me, don't you agree?

Halfway descending Hai Van Pass, I spotted a fishing village of sort. He pointed it to me and told me that's where we'll stop for lunch. Lang Co Island is the place and here, you can have fresh seafood meals at a low price. At least, that was what I was told.

Lang Co beach, where my lunch will be

When it comes to food, I definitely not the one to tell you if it's fresh or not. But, I can definitely share with you that it was indeed delicious. The clam that I had was juicy and tasty. Superb and it costed my wallet a decent VND 111,000 (about RM 17.00).

Trays of fresh seafood to choose from

Simple fried noodle with seafood

Clams! I have no idea what's called but damn it, it's super good!

A plate of noodle still not enough, have to have another bowl of rice for the clams

When the stomach was satisfied, we continued to move forward. This is a long journey ride which typically shouldn't be associated to the Danang - Hue distance. Normally, you can reach Hue from Danang between 2 to 4 hours, depending your mode of transportation. Plus, with so many pit stops we made along the way, it was a much longer journey. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Christian cemetery, something I saw while on the road

Another stop we did before reaching Hue was Suoi Voi, an off-track recreation area about 15 km from Lang Co beach. Hidden deep into the jungle, this natural retreat is not high on everyone's to visit list and only appreciated by the locals. If not for my guide here, I won't even come across such a place and it will be my loss.

Suoi Voi Park

Clear water, lush greenery, fresh air...I want to live here

The adorable local kids

Suoi Voi is well known for its waterfall and when we were there, families were relaxing and playing by the water. It was a rather quiet day, with not that many people hoarding by the waterfall. As I wasn't in the mood for a swim (not that I know how), I just relaxed by the edge of the rock, taking photos. Entrance fee to Suoi Voi is VND 12,000 (RM 2.00, more or less).

Can it be anymore prettier?

This is the last main stop for the trip before reaching Hue. More to come soon.

Last stop of the journey, some small fishing ground

Part 3: The Imperial City of Hue