Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Penang - Penang Bridge International Marathon

I was ready, all set for the race. My lethargy seemed to disappear after I gulped down a can of Redbull. I guessed I should have taken a few of these instead of going into the cinema, trying to get some sleep.

It was around 2.45 am and the street was crowded with runners getting ready for the half marathon. Some were doing last minute stretching. Some were in trance state, prepping their minds for the race. Some were chatting away while waiting for the launch. Me? I was just psyched to get started.

At precisely 3.00 am, the run began. 21 km is no doubt a daunting task and trying to finish the race within the 3 hours 30 minutes time limit can be quite strenuous for first time runners. I myself was a first time runner and while I didn’t train per se, I did jog at least 2 to 3 times a week and was aiming to finish the race within 2 hours 30 minutes.

The first 9 km or so was an enjoyable run as you began to cover the Penang Bridge. It was rather windy, making the run less taxing. Occasionally, runners would stop for a moment on the bridge to snap a photo or two with the iconic landmark, an impossible task in normal situation considering you are not allowed to stop on the bridge while driving.

The last remaining kilometer before reaching the finish line

However, the effect started to kick in after passing the half mark. More stops had been made to catch my breaths or taking a sip of water. Energy was sipping away with every passing minute. As I was getting closer to the finish line, the kilometers seemed to stretch by itself. The last 3 km was the most frustrating as there were signboards for each accomplished kilometer. When you thought that surely you should have cover a kilometer, there came the sign telling you that, no, you still have 2.5 km more to go.

A sea of greens gathered outside the mall after the race

While I didn’t manage to reach within the 2 hours 30 minutes time frame, I didn’t fare too badly either for I finished the race in 2 hours 43 minutes. A remarkable feat for a first timer, if I may say so myself. I didn’t immediately go back to rest after the race. Instead, I roamed around, watching people taking photos with friends and fellow runners.

My medal

As the day began to start, my friend and I decided to head to our respective places to rest. However, before I leaved Queensbay Mall, I was caught by the police and given a hefty fine for talking on the phone while driving. I totally didn’t see him and even when he waved me to pull over, I was still on the phone, thinking, what the heck is wrong with him. I blamed it all on fatigue for my cluelessness.

Mr Police here gave me a hefty fine, causing my wallet to bleed...



  1. wah..... congrats! i must train. i want to try the 10km next year. go go fighting!

  2. Go for it, though, for next year, the race will be on the new Penang bridge. This was the last time the marathon being held on this bridge.

  3. Wow, that great! Congratulation. I run half marathon too. Maybe we will have the chance to meet in future. Keep running!

    Ling Shing