Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hoi An - An Introduction

After Cholon, it's time for me to head back to Saigon Youth Hostel to take my luggage for my 6.00 pm train ride to Danang for my next stop, Hoi An, which is about 30 minute from the city centre of Danang. Located in the Quang Nam province in Central Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site that everyone should visit when they are in Vietnam.

Once a bustling trading port back in the 15th to 19th century, Hoi An resembles its past life the most by day, where tailors are busy taking measurements for suits and dresses, tourists are flocking from one attractions to another and restaurants are buzzing with activities. However, comes night time, this little town truly becomes alive and magical as its well-preserved colonial buildings, surrounded by colourful bouganvillas, are beautifully lit by paper lanterns. Such a sight to behold.

As for now, enjoy some of the photos I have taken during my stays there.

One of the many tailor shops here in Hoi An

Well-preserved colonial buildings are aplenty...

By the riverside in the afternoon...

One blue mansion Hoa Van Le Nghia Temple in the ancient town

Bountiful bouganvillas by the street

The same river view, by night fall...

Shophouses are lit by lanterns here in the town

The famous Japanese Bridge, the symbol of Hoi An

Early morning of Hoi An where number of tourists is at its lowest

Another couple having their wedding shoot that I stumbled upon...


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It is a tiring, 18-hour train ride, more or less, leaning to the more, from Ho Chi Minh City to Danang train station and the ticket price for the soft seat is VND 706,000 (about RM 110.80). You can find a much cheaper mode of transportation (and faster too) through as train service in Vietnam is not reliable for its punctuality and speediness. Chances are you will arrive much later than originally planned. However, it makes up with beautiful scenery, especially from Danang to Hue. Therefore, if you are rushing for time, avoid taking train.


  1. erkk.. where is the Blue Mansion situated? how did I missed it.. dem!

  2. it's along one of the many old buildings...which street, though, I can't be sure already....

    you don't need the ticket to enter the building, by the way...

  3. Dan, I only realize I took a photo of the name plaque of the building while browsing through my album. It's the Hoa Van Le Nghia Temple, 64 Tran Phu Street.

  4. Between HCM and Danang/Hoi An, which cities you prefer?
    Just thinking should I re-visit HCM or go to a new place ie Danang~ The want places that I can have sightseeing, relax and shopping at the same time~ Hahaha~~

  5. I would suggest Da Nang for it has beautiful beaches and near to Hoi An and Hue. All these 3 cities are interesting in its own ways. I really love Hoi An for its charms even though it becomes a bit touristy. As for Hue, I didn't get to explore the city too much but there is the Imperial City which is like China's Forbidden City. Very nice. As for Da Nang, I didn't really visit the city that than making it a pit stop but looking at the pristine beaches while going to Hoi An, I regretted not paying a visit.

    In short, go to Da Nang better. You can relax, shop and do sightseeing all at one go.