Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My 7 Super Shots

I was tagged by Diana here about this 7 Super Shots game initiated by Hostel Bookers. I'm not sure if there's a prize at the end of it (or whether it has already ended) but who cares! I just want to share the photos I had taken in my travels. I have yet to explore outside of Asia yet (I initiated the globetrotter program of my life mid last year) but still have a lot of fond memories exploring the continent (especially Southeast Asia which I can only afford at the moment).

So, here's my take on photos best described as followed:

Takes my breath away...

Hong Kong

On top of The Peak, overlooking the night views of Hong Kong, I realized this is it. After years of watching TVB series growing up, I finally had the opportunity of witnessing the marvellous creation that is Hong Kong. Skyscrapers graced the scenery and by the time it was 8pm, the spectacular light show took place. Simply stunning.

Makes me laugh or smile

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia was our graduation trip and being a graduation trip, there cannot be no jumping shots of us crazy kids. Thanks to the kind tourist who took this photo for us, we now have this leaping moment to look at, remembering all the wonderful moments and smiling at each one of them.

Makes me dream

Marina Sand Theatre, Singapore

It was my first musical by an international production and it was none other than the "best musical in the decade" Wicked. The scale of the production was massive and the performances of the actors in the musical were simply astounding. I found myself lip-syncing along (I was told by my friends that if I burst into songs, I will be smacked in the face) most of the songs especially the epic moment when "Defying Gravity" was belted out by Elphaba. Now that I had experienced my first musical, next stop, Broadway in New York!

Makes me think

A school outside Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

We often took our education system for granted. There is no doubt how flawed the system is but at least we are getting the education we deserved, equipping us with knowledge and strong command of languages. I was told that English is not part of the syllabus for the primary school and there are university graduates who cannot speak a proper sentence in English. It makes me think how privilege we are, being able to call ourselves multilingual.

Makes my mouth water

Tom yam in Hat Yai, Thailand

I always have a carving for all things spicy. If you tell me there's some delicious spicy delights, you can count me in. Hence, there's no way tom yam koong would not make my mouth watering and of all the tom yams I had (to be fair, not that much in Thailand), the most memorable one has to be this particular tom yam in a restaurant in Hat Yai. It was my first overseas trip and after I did some digging, I found this restaurant and there is no going back now. It was the perfect mix of sweet, sour and spicy, only made available in Thailand.

Tells a story

Atop Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia

This trip up Penang Hill was taken during the last few weeks of my university years. Three years had gone by with a blink of an eye and we found ourselves having to bide each other goodbyes soon. Before going back to our separate home towns, we decided to explore Penang for the last time. Penang will always hold a dear spot in my heart as it was where the three adventurous years took place. I made many lasting friends whose friendships I hold dearly.

I am most proud of (my National Geographic shot)

Borobudur, Indonesia

Equipped with a better camera (though ain't any better in capturing many beautiful moments passed by), this picture was one of my favourites on my recent trip to the UNESCO heritage site. While sunrise eclipsed us (misty and cloudy day it was), we still had a great time being enlightened in this Buddhist monument. This shot of the Buddha statue overlooking the mountains at the background was something I took by accident.


Now, I'm supposed to tag others to join in the fun but I'm skipping that part. If you think you would like to give it a go, just do it. I get to relive my memories of these wonderful trips I had over the past year and a half and am anticipating more to come. Where are you, July???


  1. I love the Borobudur pic and I love to go there someday. I forgot you are from Ipoh. If I knew, I will send you a message.

  2. I like Cuatro the most. nice work dude!

  3. great collection.. I have one photo similar to your first shot but taken during daytime.. whoa so many of u went for graduation trip ar? cool

  4. Diana: Me too! You should go there and see the sunrise (I hope you are luckier than me) and if you ever drop by Ipoh, just let me know...

    Alive: That's a chance of a lifetime with my friend bringing me to his hometown and treating me a trip to a school he taught before...

    Dan Alif: Yea, almost all my coursemates went for it...amazing, right???

  5. KENG!!! SUper duper nice!!! LIKE