Sunday, May 27, 2012

Semarang - Adventure from the Get Go

Originally, our Semarang flight was at early in the morning, around 6-ish or 7-ish, but Air Asia waved its magic wand and our flight was delayed to afternoon, which caused us to arrive Semarang at 4-ish. After all matters were settled (getting out of aeroplane, immigration, etc), it was around 5-ish already. We had made our reservation for the first night at Imam Bonjol Hostel but I forgot to inform the owner about our flight delay and when we reached the destination, to our horror, the main gate was locked as if there was no one in the building.

Speaking of the hostel, it was nothing like a hostel at all. In fact, from the outside, it looks like some old warehouse building with a lot of hidden agendas behind it. And the idea that the main gate being locked was very suspicious. I mean, who on earth locks the main entrance and exit way to the building? How are the occupants going to go out or go back in?

We were standing out as the sky was going dark (it was around 5 something to 6pm local time), deciding what to do. I mean, we had been ringing the doorbell for ages and still no reply. Hunger and clueless on where we were (not exactly, but still) were the main thing on our minds. In the end, we decided to go hunt for another hotel to stay for the short night.

Hotel Plampitan, our saviour

We took beca (tricycles) to try our luck for the hotel we booked for the last two nights, Quest Hotel in Jalan Plampitan. Surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly, the hotel was fully booked as there were functions being held over there. But on our ways over to the hotel, I noticed a rather low profile hotel right along the street called Hotel Plampitan and luckily for us, we managed to secure a room. The room was quite decent and rather OK for the price at IDR 188.000 (about RM 65.00). Once the main crisis had been resolved, we can then proceed to fill our stomachs and have a good rest in anticipation of tomorrow's journey to Borobudur.

Paragon Mall which we frequented regularly

Nasi Padang

Honey Lemon Chicken

Es Cleopatra


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When your flights happened to be delayed or postponed, remember to inform your hotels about it so that they can keep your reservations, or in our case, have the main gate remains open. You do not want to be kept outside of your hostel, unable to enter.


  1. hahaha..good memory n wat a gud lesson learned... we cn use it next yr again perhaps...haha

  2. Wow! That hostel was closed or what? Sounds so scary and suspicious! I think I would not dare to stay there even it it's open. LOL!

  3. torres: don't want la...tried once enough already...

    foongpc: don't think it's closed...the neighbour told us that the owners went out or something but it's so weird...don't they have receptionist or something?

  4. hmm the nasi padang looks like nasi dagang eh except for the rice..

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  5. it's basically nasi kandar...the rice is just white rice...