Monday, November 28, 2011

Hong Kong (香港) - Dim Sum (点心) Breakfast and Roasted Goose (烧鹅) Lunch

*I know that I had procrastinated too much and this Hong Kong - Macau trip posts has been dragging for so long. I'm trying to finish it up hopefully before I'm heading to Singapore.* 

You might have noticed (or might not) that I didn't really write anything about the foods that we had when we were at Hong Kong. Well, mostly because we usually had our lunches and dinners at cha cang teng (茶餐厅) - our version of kopitiam - ordering nothing truly extraordinary. Well, one thing to say about their cha cang teng is that it is air-conditioned. Something unique about it, no doubt.

Anyhow, for the last day of our stays in Hong Kong, we thought of going for a dim sum (点心) breakfast. Actually, it was already part of the plan before we even here at Hong Kong but due to the fact that we had no idea which restaurants to go to, we ended up delaying it till the last day. And the last day itself, we just went to the one nearest to our hostel.

Choi Fook Restaurant (彩福酒家) the name of the restaurant. Not the traditional dim sum parlour we expected but it still have the quintessential Hong Kong feel. Like the locals, we waited for our numbers to come and when that's arrived, we had a blast with eating all we can eat. Here's some of what we had ordered. Not too expensive, at least that's what I had remembered.

Hong Kong chee cheung fun

Green bean paste bun (if I remembered correctly)

Xiao Long Pao

Char Siew Pao

Some kind of mango custard (if I'm right)

Some lotus leaf-wrapped rice, I think

This is how it looked like when unwrapped

Steamed pork ribs

Siew Mai

This is what happened when I don't blog about it soon. I tend to forget some of it. But one thing for sure. I remembered liking xiao long pao very much. There's a way of eating xiao long pao. You have to bite a bit of the skin to make a hole so that the juice inside it will flow into your spoon. You have to savour the juice first before devouring the xiao long pao.

On the same day itself, we had something very Hong Kong for lunch. It was the roasted goose (烧鹅), a famous cuisine in Hong Kong. It's as famous as roasted pigeon (乳鸽), another delicacy of Hong Kong. We cannot possibly had both, therefore, we just chose one and roasted goose it was. We went to the Gold Fish Street (金鱼街) where there's reputably a very good restaurant for the cuisine. Well, for the uninitiated, this particular street is a haven for the pet lovers for you can practically find all types of pets there. While gold fish are the main attractions, there are still other animals for you to absorb their cuteness.

When you see a lot of gold fish, you are at the right place

But back to the food. We went to Chan Kee Restaurant (陳记) which was quite famous for this cuisine, apparently. It was delicious to say the least but I'm no judge when it comes to food. Basically, anything edible and taste nice, I'm fine with it. Now you know the reason why there's lack of food here. Anyway, here's the dishes we ordered.

Look for the goose when you want to eat roasted goose

Sweet and sour pork (so inviting)

Hong Kong kai lan (very simple little dish)

Roasted pork and roasted goose thigh (succulent to the max)

When we had filled our stomachs well, it was time for us to bid farewell to this beautiful paradise island and continued with our exploration in Macau.


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