Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hong Kong (香港) - After Buddha, It's Shopping Time

When we reached the top of the stairs, we did not run out of breath (we're healthy bunch of people!) and our eyes were treated with glorious beauties on pictures will do them justice. So, here are the photos!

Real up close with Buddha

Look at the people climbing up!

Statues of deities surrounding Buddha

Mountains and clouds dominating in every shots!

When dark clouds started appearing again, we decided to go...

Throughout the time up at Ngong Ping village, it is a breath of fresh air, being so high up in the mountain and having cool breeze brushing past us. It was sad for us to bide goodbye (always sad to say bye bye...) but go we must.

Who says Hong Kong is all 'bout tall buildings???

Actually, this was taken when heading up, not down...

When we reached back on the ground, we took MTR to Woman's Street (女人街) for some quality shopping time! How on earth can we live with ourselves coming to Hong Kong, the shopping paradise, and not buying anything???

Also known as 女人街

Neon signs decorating the streets...

It was summer sale when we were there and every shop is giving out discounts like there's no tomorrow. Here at 女人街, you can find anything, from branded cloths to cheap and rip-off goods, gadgets and entertainment items, and so on. It's the place for everyone. I ended up buying formal wears which I liked a lot and souvenirs for my friends. A word of advice, an hour here is not enough to see everything. Try, maybe three.

After that, we took the ferry back to Hong Kong Island where our accommodation was located at. Throughout this HK trip, we had tried almost all types of transportations. From MTR to taxi, ding ding to big bus, the only one missing is the small bus.

The harbour

Hong Kong citizens love their ferry ride

With ferry, you can have another view of the cityscape Hong Kong's famous for

Central pier where we reached



  1. I so so so wanna shop there. LOL!

  2. Meitzeu: Yup, that country is a paradise!

    Lindy: You should but make sure you are well prepared in term of $$$...