Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hong Kong (香港) - Ocean's Park

I am simply too freaking lazy. My procrastination skill sees no end towards it. I wonder if I still have time to blog once I start working next Monday...

I woke up the next day, feeling all pumped up. We were hitting Ocean's Park today! Being the iconic theme park in Asia, I had been wanting to go there for as long as I remember, back when Disneyland is still in Tokyo and had not branched out to Hong Kong. So, once we had our breakfast at a Japanese restaurant (I think), we were off for some fun in the sun!

Name of the shop

What I had...delicious

We took the MTR from Fotress Hill station to Admiralty to take the bus to Ocean's Park. When we reached there, we were approached by travel agents asking whether we want to take their Ocean's Park package, inclusive of the entrance fee and ride to go to the park itself, at 230 HKD. We can walk on our own once we entered the park and it was cheaper than the entrance fee (250 HKD), so no harm right?

Well, the bus that was supposed to fetch us all (there were others who took the package) 'caught in the traffic jam' (we suspected that the bus broke down) so they, the tour agency, provided us a taxi to go to the park at their expenses. We got to sit on the signature red car for free! The taxi driver is very friendly, entertaining us with tales and recommending us places to go.

After a ten to twenty minutes ride, we finally saw the theme park. To be honest, there are a lot of similarities between Ocean's Park and Sunway Lagoon. There is the seal-in-a-sailor-outfit mascot that resembles the duck-in-a-sailor-outfit mascot Sunway Lagoon has. Ocean's Park has both dry and wet rides, just like Sunway Lagoon. Entrance rate for both theme parks are about the same, all things considered. Yet, Ocean's Park has one thing Sunway Lagoon does not have. The views to die for.

Entrance to the theme park

Ocean's Park has two sections, one at the bottom of a hill where animals attractions are aplenty (known as The Waterfront), and the one at the top of a hill (known as The Summit), where all adrenaline junkies gathered for their thrilling rides. You can take the cable car or the Ocean Express to reach The Summit. As I did not take the Ocean Express, I had no idea what I missed out but I did not regret it for the views by the cable cars are absolutely breath taking. You get to see parts of Hong Kong Island. Stunning!

The cable car

Going UP



Look at the number of the cable cars moving around...



  1. Hong Kong~ Another place I would like to visit. :)

  2. 比起迪斯尼,我比较喜欢这里。

  3. meitzeu: You's very urban yet unique in its own way...

    alive: can't really say that since I didn't go to Disneyland but I heard got people who said the other way...different people, different opinion...