Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Home!

Finally, a little update on my blog after quite a while of MIA. Not intentional, but the damn internet line in my house is simply too frustrating, making me unmotivated to write anything. And the fact that I just came back from Bangkok yesterday have something to do with it too. Haha.

I'll talk about my trip to Hat Yai with my family (11 - 12 June 2011) which I totally wanted to write last week but...you know the drills. Anyway, after I'm done with my Hat Yai report, it will be my Bangkok trip (17 - 20 June 2011). So, here's some photos of my family and my relatives who went along for the trip to Hat Yai with us. Photos from Bangkok is still in my camera, yet to be transferred so, stay tune.


  1. so many trips to thailand ah.. nice..
    my last trip to thailand was in 1996.. was a little kid back then :P

  2. Haha, it's true. Been there three time already this year.
    Why not go there again? There's plenty for everyone!

  3. Hey ~ who is the girl that in the last picture. Is she from Ipoh ? Because she look like one of my friend~