Friday, April 22, 2011

Hat Yai and Songkhla - Different, yet the Same - Part 3

At the end of last month, me and my friend went to Hat Yai for the first time for both of us. It was a 2D/1N trip and I'll begin the recount of our trip here, pieces by pieces, in no chronological order. So, dinner's done and we're already halfway through the day at Songkhla. I'll finish it as fast as I can. Damn finals.

Of an Unknown (to us) Island and Back to Hat Yai

It was tiring, yet sort of fulfilling, to walk around the beach and along the road and discover new and unexpected sights. I always find walking a great way to travel. It's like exploring an uncharted territory where greats wonders are waiting to be shared with you.

Some huge wild mushrooms we saw on the road

The Nag statue

Door that open to many possibilities

We walked until we reached to Songkhla jetty. We were unaware of the existence of the jetty and what's more, the island opposite the strait that separated us. We took the jetty to cross the strait and literally landed on an unknown place but what a joy to truly explore the fishing village. We asked around what's the name of the island but either they didn't understand the questions or we didn't understand the answer. Even the Belgian mister (was he Belgian? I forgot) we met on the side of the jetty, who had been going to the island for almost five months already still had no idea what is the name of the place. Anyhow, we still went to the island to have a quick look around.

*UPDATE* For those on feet, you will not be charged for the ferry ride. That was the main appeal for us, being budget conscious people.

An island from where Songkhla jetty

It was a Muslim fishing village and both of us received a lot of looks from the people in the island, most of them filled with curiosity, considering we were the strangers. It was definitely interesting to visit a Thai fishing village where most of the people still living in large, kampung-style houses, unpolluted with urbanization. Children were running around playing with each other and neighbours were looking after one another. It will be an ideal location to kick back and relax, to enjoy the fresh breeze.

Peaceful village life

What's a fishing village without boats?

There is no sense of rush living in the island. Small kiosks were erected outside their houses to sell some local snacks to the neighbours or some lucky tourists who managed to find the place. Raring birds was the hobby for most of the villagers as bird cages were hanging in everyone's house. As fishing provided the largest source of income, I presumed, many of the villagers are fishermen and fishmongers.

Is the sign board the name of the island?

Locals were preparing the crabs

The elusive bird that refused to be snapped by the camera

We went back to the town area of Songkhla after realising that we had yet to have our lunch. Sad to say that we did not fully explore the town. A few hours of walking around and off we went back to Hat Yai and it was already dinner time once reached the town district of Hat Yai.


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In Thailand, it is one hour slower than in Malaysia. So, make sure you're aware of the time change while planning your trip. 


  1. a nice place to visit huh XD

  2. I think we can't see the wild mushroom can we?

  3. nick: haha,'s my first time being out of the country so everything seems unique and interesting...

    jfook: err, what do you mean exactly? you mean here in malaysia is it?

  4. aite, the Belgian.u forgot 1 thing, it's free to take the ferry for those on foot..

  5. yup, already updated it...thanks, 'anonymous'...