Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hotel Review - Eight Acres Resort, Raub

We live in a world where technologies have become an essential part of our lives, to the point where we seem to forget what truly matters; human connection. It's not quite unusual to see families or groups of friends, sitting together and yet, they have never been more further apart from each other as they focus more on their electronic gadgets than one another. It seems that these days, words and laughter are exchanged through texts and emojis, not verbally.

Uncle Kam, resort manager and proud father of the resort, noticed such predicament and has every intention to instil that connectivity among humans as well as with nature back in his guests. That's why there's barely any coverage throughout Eight Acres, so that we can unhook ourselves from the abyss that's the Internet and focus on people around us. Even the yellow man will not follow you to the resort, so, you have been warned.

Eight Acres

Now, what to do in a resort located deep in the estate plantation with the nearest town about 40 minutes away? Plenty. Boredom does not exist in Eight Acres for there are many activities to fill up the time.

One such activity is the traditional kampung games such as guli (marble balls) and gasing (spinning tops). These recreational activities were popular among children back in the olden days. I remembered playing guli when I was a kid growing up in a small town. It must be more than 15 years since I last touched one of those tiny little marble balls that I immediately start to play with it. In fact, all of us are sporting a gleeful smile on our faces throughout the session as our childhood memories start rushing back.

I doubt that youngsters these days know what these games are or how to play. Angry Birds and Candy Crush, yes, but gasing and congkak? This is really a good initiative to reintroduce back traditional games to the young generation.

Traditional games await you

Other than these traditional games, Eight Acres also offers something more adventurous for those seeking them. You can ride an all-terrains vehicle (ATV) or perform some cool archery stunts (if you're capable of it) which I did both (not much of a stunt but more of a "Wow, I miss the board entirely!" performance). Other than that, there are other thrilling activities such as abseiling, flying fox and wall climbing if you are into these sort of adventure. However, some of these activities are not included in the packages.

Other activities such as archery are available as well

The main building, known as Brick House, is where the communal hall and dining hall as well as our rooms are located. The communal hall itself is very relaxing and looks so inviting for a good afternoon nap or to catch up with some reading. Wide windows are used to allow as much of natural light as possible.

Tatami-floored hall

The communal hall is very relaxing

Upstairs is where the rooms are located. Each of the six rooms has different themes and concepts (Renewal, Contemplation, Culture, Discovery, Surreality and Exploration). My favourite room has to be Discovery with book shelves full of books. I'm really inspired by it and would love to replicate it for my own room.

Each room can fit in 4 to 5 peoples. There are more rooms available in the compound to house a large group of peoples. Other houses located in the lodge also have its own names such as Mulberry Place, Cascada, Java House, etc.

My favourite room

One highlight of the trip has to be The Amazing Trail. Led by Uncle Kam himself, an enthusiast in all things nature and botany, the trail brings us around the compound with him introducing and informing us the names of the plants and its uses. Uncle Kam was the one who administers what plants to grow in the resort during the construction process with the aim of maintaining a healthy biodiversity. It is indeed an enlightening experience especially for those who grew up in the city and don't have much interaction with nature. The Amazing Trail usually takes place after a hearty breakfast.

Nasi lemak, our breakfast, that's cooked to perfection

Uncle Kam, the proud father of Eight Acres and our guide of the Amazing Trail

Hibiscuses are some of the many flowers you can see on the trail


Geese for neighbours

It is definitely a unique experience staying in Eight Acres. This is not your typical resort but one that put a lot of thoughts and efforts in making sure you have a relaxing stays. The whole resort was born out of love for nature as well as passion for doing the things they love. The warm welcome and the delicious home cooked meals are much to brag about as it make my stay much more memorable.

Bear in mind that this is a nature lodge, so you should set your mentality accordingly so that you can enjoy your stays. 

Don't be afraid for there's no more snakes lurking around the corner anymore

Eight Acres Resort
Lot 7822, Mukim Gali
Off Jalan Sungai Klau
27300 Raub, Pahang
+6013 2846252

Eight Acres is a nature-themed resort located deep in the palm oil estate plantation, about 30 to 40 minutes away from Raub town, Pahang. Be prepare for a bumpy ride, especially during the last 15 minutes or so once you turn into the estate. There are signs that will guide you all the way through. Plus, it is just a one way track of sort, so you can't really make a wrong turn. It is advisable to bring your transportation. Otherwise, you can take a taxi from Raub which costs about RM 45 one way.

I would like to thank Travel Tales and Eight Acres for hosting me for the night. The sponsorship however does not affect my review of the resort.


  1. wahhh nice place, pernah baca and pernah plan nak pergi tapi tak pergi2. Hahahaha hope nanti ada chance pergi sini. Heheheh

    1. Contact them whether can host you guys or not la for blogger gathering or something..they seems very open in working with bloggers..

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