Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shah Alam - i-City

Yet to buy a laptop, hence, irregular update.

My friend treated me to i-City, Shah Alam, few weeks back as my birthday treat (a one-month late birthday gift). I always thought that i-City is only for its night light view but apparently, there are other attractions beside the night light show. It was a Group On promotion that we took which include five attractions available in i-City.

Water World @ i-City

First of all, we went to the Water World @ i-City for some water rides. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with the rides available in the park. It was just too small to justify its name. I mean, I would have assume a water theme park named Water World @ i-City would take hours to fully finish their rides. But, sadly, all it took was just an hour plus and you are done with it.

These water slides are just so-so

Look at the Ultimate Tornado which is AMAZING...

And most of the water slides are not thrilling, to be honest. The only saving grace has to be the Ultimate Tornado spiral slide which is AWESOME. Make sure there are four of you for the ride require four persons. If not, ask some strangers to join you for it.

Ultimate Tornado takes four persons to go for it

Next in the voucher is the SnoWalk. While dress code insists its patrons to wear long pants and covered shoes, I went in with shorts and flip flop. I ended up shivering non stop. Generally, nothing much for you to do here other than riding on few slides they have here and taking pictures. I believe the Snow World in Genting Highland is a better option of the two. For SnoWalk, please bring your own gloves and boots if you want to save your budget for the rental fee is steep.

Ice sculptures in SnoWalk

Trick Art Museum is more like a photo taking outlet where public do candid poses along with the paintings. These paintings, if posed correctly, will give off a three dimensional impression. The selection is not that many and appeals only to those who are interested in doing funny shots. The remaining two attractions included in the Group On voucher are Ferris wheel and the double-deck carousel. Nothing much can be said about these two rides.

Entrance to the Trick Art Museum

Few of these paintings on display

I honestly think i-City has the potential to grow but the management team is not really giving all their bests to improve it. The best asset of this place has to be the night light display and understandably so. It is rather beautiful.

Ferris wheel


With the Group On voucher, the visit is still border line worth it. However, if you ask me whether I would go without it, sorry, can’t do.

Beautiful night light, the best asset in i-City

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Each attraction has its own entrance fee. For Water World @ i-City, the price for adult is RM 40.00 on Mondays to Fridays and RM 50.00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays while for children, it is RM 30.00 and RM 40.00 respectively. For SnoWalk, the entrance prices before 6 pm are RM 25.00 and RM 20.00 for adult and children, after 6 pm are RM 35.00 and RM 30.00 respectively. Trick Art Museum is free of charge if you purchased Water World @ i-City's ticket. If not, the charge is RM 5.00. 


  1. I went there few weeks ago too, for me, the entrance fee is too expensive. so i was just hanging around.

  2. haha..slightly expensive for the animals on display...

  3. Tiket agak mahal.. klau bawa family kos agak tinggi..