Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Czech Republic - Prague, Phenomenon Indeed

My first trip out of Poland was to Prague. It was a long weekend break in conjunction with a public holiday in the country and I decided to visit this capital city of Czech Republic. Prague is constantly voted as among the most beautiful cities in Europe and I can personally guarantee that those praises are indeed true.

I was mesmerized when I first stepped into the historic district of the city. It feels so magical exploring Prague, just absorbing all the sights and sounds. Getting lost in the city is definitely the best way to explore Prague for you get to stumble upon wonderful scenery. 

I have to say, Prague is, by far, the best city I ever been to in Europe and among my favourites. I will share more but in the mean times, enjoy some photos of the city.  

Dancing House, an architecture gem

The famous Charles Bridge

View from the bridge itself

Prague Castle at night

The Old Town

When in Prague, you have to go on one of its many towers for the aerial views



  1. Hi, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.. Enjoying looking at them!

  2. awesome photos! the dancing house is truly artistic! :P

  3. Elaine: Thanks for dropping by!

    Nick: The Dancing House is indeed unique and really lives up its name..